Are you eligible for asylum?

Do you wish to apply for asylum and, if so, don’t know how this will affect your family? Are you not certain if you are eligible and what the process is? The knowledgeable attorneys at Cherkaoui & Associates PLLC have the answers to your important questions and will know how to get you through the frequently lengthy and complicated process of being granted asylum.

You can apply for asylum whether you are legally in the country or not. Eligibility depends upon proof that you have suffered or fear you will suffer persecution because of your nationality, religion, race, membership in a particular social group or a political opinion that you hold. The process can be very complex, involving interviews, compiling extensive documentation and submissions and attending any hearings as needed. This is why being granted asylum is best accomplished by utilizing a firm that not only understands immigration law, but combines this with the ability to aggressively strive for your goals.

Benefits of Asylum

Generally, you must apply for asylum within 1 year of arriving in the U.S. When we submit your application, your spouse and children may be included but this is not required. We can work out with you the best way to help your family. Normally, any child that is included in your application must be unmarried and under the age of 21. In some instances, the Child Status Protection Act can be used to permit your children to retain their status as a “child,” even if they are over 21 years old.

One of the many benefits of asylum is that under specific conditions you will be able to get permission to work within the U.S. before your application is approved. You are allowed to work without delay once asylum has been granted. Additionally, within 1 year of being granted asylum we can apply for a green card so that you can become a permanent resident. You do not have to do this but it can prove advantageous if a change in your situation causes you to no longer qualify for asylum status.

If you wish to successfully apply for asylum, contact Cherkaoui & Associates PLLC for assistance.


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