If you or a family member faces deportation for any reason, you have one chance to fight it. You need an experienced immigration lawyer on your side. Cherkaoui & Associates PLLC provides the skilled removal defense to fight for your right to stay in the U.S.

Our Houston immigration law firm helps clients across the state of Texas avoid removal. We understand that the U.S. is your home now, whether you have been here for months or many years. We understand that deportation tears families apart and that the person being deported may not be welcome in their home country. We will do everything in our power to stop removal.

Criminal Deportation Defense

We are experienced at fighting removal for criminal convictions, from serious felonies (violent crimes, drug trafficking, alien smuggling) to deportable offenses such as theft, welfare fraud, drug possession or domestic assault. Even a DUI arrest, which is not a deportable offense, can lead to removal if the person is an illegal alien.

When you are charged with a crime, it is critical to understand the impact on immigration status. By going back to court, we may be able to undo a guilty plea or conviction that led to your current deportation nightmare.

We also fight removal through asylum petitions and special visas for victims of crimes or violence.

If your loved one is in jail or at an immigration detention facility, or summoned to immigration court for a removal hearing, we can help today. We will apply for an immigration bond for release from detention to free you from custody while we prepare your removal defense. Mr. Mehdi Cherkaoui and his legal team will analyze every strategy to keep you here in the U.S. if at all possible, or to allow you to re-enter the U.S. in the future.

Inadmissibility Defense. Detained at IAH airport.

Even green card holders can be detained. If a permanent resident has certain types of criminal convictions on his record — or has “abandoned or relinquished” his status — Customs and border patrol (CBP) deny him re-entry to the United States.  Specifically, immigration laws says that a permanent resident in the following categories may run into trouble at IAH Airport, or any port of entry: (1) if he has abandoned his permanent resident status (usually based on a lack of ties to America plus a lengthy absence or series of absences); (2) an absence for over 180 days; (3) if he has engaged in illegal activity outside the United States; (4) if he has committed a drug offense of a crime involving moral turpitude.

Our Firm understands the shock of the situation.  Whether your relative was returning from a vacation or a family visit — nobody expected that he or she would have to undergo such a traumatic experience.  Nobody expected that your relative would be treated like a criminal upon return to a place he or she considers home.

Our Firm is committed to trying our best to get your relative out of immigration detention, and to keep him or her in the United States. Deportation attorneys at Cherkaoui & Associates PLLC are skilled in discovering the best defenses to deportation and inadmissibility.


And remember, there is NO charge UNTIL we recover for you.